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What we do

Music School For Singing Lessons In Sydney

At the Artist Studio, we offer one-on-one voice and artist development sessions, one-on-one guitar sessions, one-on-one production sessions, group vocal sessions, song writing and recording sessions to both aspiring and established artists.

We assist each individual in building upon his or her own unique abilities. We specialise in improving songwriting and performance skills, confidence building, and unearthing creative visions, as well offering first hand guidance and preparation for the music industry. We provide the tools necessary to find each artist’s own unique voice and help take their craft to the next level.

We help with preparation for HSC music performance and auditions, and assist  in the selection of cover song choices and interesting arrangements  to help the individual make it their own.

At the Artist Studio we are more than just a singing/music school, we take on a more holistic approach. Our focus is on developing the voice and the artist as one.  With our mentors taking a unique approach to vocal coaching and artist development, we offer more than just singing lessons. So if you’re a professional vocalist, new to singing or a parent with a child who shows potential, please hit us up!!!


Our Philosophy

November Workshop

What’s Happening!

So it has been a very busy and productive couple of months here at The Artist Studio! As most of you already know we had our mid year showcase where a lot of our artists took the stage and absolutely killed it. We were so blown away by how good everyone was on the night. […]