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Sia and Daniel Johns leading Australians writing hit songs for others


THEY are chart stars in their own right and now their names are attached to the hits of other Australian and international recording artists.

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The Music Network

Two local artists launch artist development school


Local artists Christian Lo Russo (Amy Meredith frontman) and Tegan Rogers (Atlantis Awaits frontwoman) have partnered to launch an artist development school

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News Local

Amy Meredith’s Christian Lo Russo opens the Artist Studio in Randwick


The lead singer of Australian pop band Amy Meredith, who has written with Good Charlotte and Delta Goodrem, is lending his vocal and songwriting skills to the public.

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Daily Telegraph

Sydney rock band Amy Meredith split with record label Sony

Amy Meredith Watermelon2013

SYDNEY band Amy Meredith have decided to go their own way, splitting with Sony to return to the ranks of the independents. "We sold a lot of singles and then came to the end of things with Sony, so now we're following through on our vision for the band. It can be tough when you have to compromise," frontman Christian Lo Russo said.

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News Corp

Big Day Out’s blood, sweat and cheers


THERE'S always one.

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